About Us

Guilu 贵路 is a product of a biracial household and is deeply informed by being the child of an immigrant. She is always looking for ways to grow and unlearn dominant paradigms of possibility. She enjoys living in Lenape territory (the particular part known as Philadelphia), going to flea markets, listening to NPR, embroidering, sharing food with friends, and imagining/living new possibilities. She is trying to keep her creative spirit alive and hold new relationships while managing the whole taking care of herself stuff.

Working towards allowing herself the space to simply exist, separate from the demands of graduate school and work, Megan seeks to break up with her uncomfortability by baring her unedited thoughts into the world. Find her listening to whatever is in her podcast queue while marking down the days until her next washed-up-rockstar concert. Starting everyday by unapologetically filling in her eyebrows, she hopes to use this space to get comfortable with being imperfect as well as gaining confidence to willingly be vulnerable to both the world and herself.

Caroline is a very lost empath, trying to move towards her passions and heal from trauma and depression. She spends her time pole dancing, cooking/eating with friends, beginning (but never finishing) projects, and advocating for disenfranchised communities as a social worker and activist. She hopes this project will hold her to actually finishing some things and getting the guts to share them.