So Too Am I: An Ode to the Biopic

There is universality in the biopic.

We all live, we all die, and we all attempt to bring meaning to our existence.

At humanity’s core, we all share the same organs and emotional mechanisms to navigate the world around us. We may live separate lives, but we are cosmically linked by our shared social experiences. When growing up, I figured myself a bit of a Nihilist with a Hobbesian outlook towards human nature. However, as I’ve grown into adulthood and witnessed the greatest struggles and sacrifices around me, I’ve come to conclude that compassion outlasts any pessimistic philosophy in vogue. Belonging to the last of the millennial generation (circa 1995), my entire adulthood has been punctuated by sociopolitical division.

For me at least, the biopic serves as a balm to this scald created from our divisiveness, always reminding me that humans are capable of great feats, and so too am I.


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